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Saturday, 22 August 2015

From July: Japanese Reed Bunting, コジュリン

These buntings are not very common, but there is one place in the Mt. Aso area where they always come to build their nests. The protected area is full of flowers, some quite rare I heard. it's my favorite in summer, when Fukuoka is just too hot.

Japanese Reed Bunting, コジュリン

One of few birds who can hold its balance with legs on different flower stems

Singing out loud all day long, most active in the morning

The Day Lilies don't open until later in the afternoon...

so I returned to get a prettier picture :-)

Another bird in that area, but very very far: Black-browed Reed Warbler, コヨシキリ

Daylilies:  Hemerocallis citrine var. vespertina,  ユウスゲ

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