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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grey Nightjar, ヨタカ

The Nightjar drops by every year. And every year the question is: Will we be able to see it? It's not a small bird, about 30cm but its colors and the pattern of its plumage fit so well in the surroundings, when it sits motionless in the tree it is nearly impossible to detect.
However, this year we got lucky! It landed on a branch of a cherry blossom tree right next to a small road and anybody walking that road could see it very clearly. All birders had a very good look, all photographers took wonderful photos and all that without disturbing the environment, nor the bird itself, who hardly noticed us while having a good rest on its yearly one-day visit in the park.

Here are "just a few" images of the Grey Nightjar, ヨタカ


Such intricate patterns of the feathers

The bill makes it look so small, but WOW what a mouth!  A mouse could fit in there easily.


Just a little stretch before going back to...


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