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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Herons and Egrets at the Kikuchi river 1

In spring when the Ayu, or Sweetfish move upstream to spawn, birds gather at this point in the Kikuchi river, where it drops down a few meters in elevation. They scan the waters near the wall, making slow peddling movements with their feet. There is always a lot of action, as the birds fight fiercely over the best location. It makes me wonder why they don’t stick to an easy diet of rice paddy frogs. I guess this shows my lazy side and Ayu tastes much better. They sure make a good meal at the izakayas!



 コサギ,  Little Egret

コサギ,  Little Egret  and  ダイサギGreat Egret

 Patience and concentration

ゴイサギ,  Black-crowned Night Heron

アオサギ, Grey Heron and ゴイサギ,  Black-crowned Night Heron

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  1. Such beautiful photography. You should try visiting the Utonai-ko Sanctuary in Lake Utonai, they have different birds migrating there every month!