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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Plovers and Falcons

When we had enough of the owls we drove to Kirara Nature Park near Ajisu, also in Yamaguchi pref, where Kentish Plovers had hatched and could be seen from inside the visitors center through a set of scopes set up in front of the window. The birds were barely visible, but the chicks, running around the block like cockroaches had us all amused.
シロチドリ,  Kentish Plover

One of the 3 Plover babies, a little dot of grey and white in front of Mum.

Dad watching the family
I was quite impressed with the information displays at the center. Very extensive and thorough. A place I’d like to visit again.

From here we drove back to Kyushu, where we had directions to a Falcon nest on a rocky outcrop near Moji. It took a while and a bit dirt (the car got stuck in the mud and we had to do a bit of off-road climbing) but when we got at eye-level we could see signs of life in a hole in the steepest face of the rock. That means, some of the grey pebbles in there seemed to be moving.

ハヤブサ,  Peregrine Falcon

After half an hour one of the parents flew in with something to eat.

And yes! Again 3 chicks emerged. At first they were only distinguishable by their movements, but little by little we recognized some falcon-like features.

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