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Monday, 4 June 2012

Owls in the rain

A couple of days later we set off again, this time north towards Yamaguchi pref. Following written instructions from a local we entered the Akasaki Temple grounds where 3 young owls were awaiting us in the pouring rain. They had left the nest one by one, the last one just the day before, and were perched nearby, on different branches around the box nest.

フクロ,  Ural Owl

The first one that had left the nest was sitting high up in the upper part of one of the tall trees.

The 3rd and last one was still close to the box nest. 

The 2nd chick, appropriately perched in between, was most active, watching his surroundings, other birds, us.

Munching on something inedible 

Their parents didn't show up. They were probably watching us from the edge of the forest at the back. The owl chicks would join them soon, no doubt. And then they would be lost to our eyes. It felt great, despite the rain, to be here in this place in this small pocket of time, getting a chance to see owl babies!

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