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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Lucky on the 13th

On the way to Saga I stopped at a river point midway, hoping to catch the sight of a Goosander.
And guess what I saw, thanks to my young companion:

1 of 2 Crested Kingfisher, ヤマセミ

also around: Mandarin Duck, オシドリ 5 or 6.  I don't really want to take more photos of these ducks after our visit to Tottori (coming up soon) but just this one for the record.

And in the distance there was a fem Goosander, カワアイサ

approaching us slowly

passing under the red bridge

We are living to far south for these birds to be common. I didn't see a male, just 2 females.

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  1. Great birds and pics. I've only ever seen one Mandarin Duck and that was in Aomori. I rarely see the Crested Kingfisher and Goosander as well. Some rewarding birding.