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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Kanatake walk November 20th

I expected it to be rather cold, but the sunshine was nice and though the wind was a bit nasty at times we were mostly comfortable. last month we had seen a number of birds, so I took a 420mm lens. The results are not all very good, specially since most birds were absent... except for the Rooks

Thunberg’s Chive, (Yamarakkyo) ヤマラッキョウ

Tankiri mame, タンキリマメ 

Isodon, (Yamahakka) ヤマハッカ

Sankodake, サンコタケ, Pseudcolous schellenbergiae

Japanese Kadsura, (Sanekazura) サネカズラ

Japanese Violet, スミレ

Rook, ミヤマカラス

70 Birds were counted

Bull-headed Shrike ,モズ

White variety of Water Willow, (Kitsunenomago) キツネノマゴ

Caterpillar of Artaxa subflav, (Dokuga)ドクガの幼虫

Cocoon of Common Mapwing, イシガケチョウ

Wild winter strawberries, フユイチゴ

Small Copper, ベニシジミ

Nurudemimifushi, ヌルデミミフシPockets of insects that live on a plant called Nurde, Chinese Sumac or Rhus and look like white lice.

キモグリバエ, (Kimoguribae) Frit Flies or Grass flies

They don't have any hair, which is why they look shiny

Grey wagtail, キセキレイ

Mayutate Akane, マユタテアカネ (kind of Darter)

Pink Sorrel, (Imokatabami) イモカタバ

Holly Blue, ルリシジミ

Buckwheat, ソバ

Water Pepper, ミゾソバ

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