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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Oriental Stork, コウノトリ in Kyushu

Happy to hear about their return, I went to see these endangered birds right away. About an hour drive north of the city, in a muddy pond, only visible from a busy road. Not an ideal location, so I stayed just a short time. At first the light was extremely unfavorable.

However happy to see them, I could not live with this. I left and checked some sights in the area. I returned after midday to find them at the far back. Too far.

I didn't intend to hang around much longer, got in the car and started to leave, when I noticed them suddenly nearby. Quickly I parked our esther (estima) again and though I'd missed their flight, I got my fill :-)

3 birds, one returning female the other 2 young males. 

Magnificent birds

dwarfing the Grey heron, アオサギ

Would they stay for the winter? I hope the pond doesn't run out of fish!

See that big one there in the corner? 

You wanna go get it?

Oops, maybe not!

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