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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Copper Pheasant, アカヤマドリ - again

I went to see this bird in May and was surprised to hear that he was still around in September, regularly coming out of the bush. And that there were young birds, too. Really? I ha to see this, so I looked him up and sure, he did appear, but without his family. I was happy to see him, though.
However, he seemed not pleased with my visit at all and chased me away. At one stage he flew out to my head and tore at my hat as in an attack. I quickly got back into the car, where he followed me to the point that he seemed about to get in as well! Wow!
I shut the doors and windows and waited for him to calm down. Later, when he seemed at ease, quietly picking at some food, I tried again. I got some photos, but he made me run back to the parking lot 3 times!.. :-)

Out on the road the sunlight caught him and turned his feathers a beautiful shiny copper red.

One of the first things he did was eating my little friend the Praying Mantis who'd kept me company while I was sitting on the side of the small mountain road, waiting for the birds to come out.

He snapped it's head right off. Then I remembered that the female mantis does that too to the male when mating. Maybe he didn't feel so bad then after all.


His long tail isn't as magnificent as before, when it was spring. But he looked still great and majestic.

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