This blog is for family and friends, to share my feelings and photos with and for myself, to support my fading memory and improve my Japanese. I intend to do some writing in kanji, but am not getting very far without a Japanese computer. So for the moment I say "konnichi wa". Aisatsu dake - just saying hello.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Tagawa Jinkosai festival 田川神幸祭

The rainy season has started. The forest became dense with foliage. I hear many birds, but see nothing... Thus a different topic, the yearly festival in Tagawa.

This is the time of rice planting and there are many colorful festivals throughout the country meant to purify the fields and energize farmers for the hard work ahead. Many of these festivals involve carrying portable shrines around town to spread good luck. In Tagawa groups of men carry 11 huge, elaborately-decorated portable shrines from one side of town, starting at a big Shinto shrine, to the other side, a place where the gods can relax for one night. The journey involves wading waist-deep across the river that runs through town. This part of the trip prompts massive water fights, races, cheering showdowns and making a LOT of noise.




Besides this river-based spectacle there are various activities around town