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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Brown Booby, カツオドリ

The early January morning in the harbor south of Kagoshima city was dark with thick clouds covering the sky. I was a bit worried, this not ideal for shooting Boobies in flight. About 3 birds were actively hunting, scanning the waters and diving from great heights. Despite their efforts they didn't seem to be catching much. Too bad for them, but good for me, cause they kept going at it. After a while some more birds flew in. An hour later the sky brightened and I could get a few nice shots...


Ballet in the sky

Mid-morning an Osprey appeared out of the blue with his catch of the day firmly clenched in his talons. Jealous Boobies acted in pursuit, without success.


Right: a juvenile with dark coloring on its belly.

It turned out a great day, with lots of spectacular dives.

and finally a fish!

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