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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Oriental Pratincole, ツバメチドリ

It's already a week since these birds came to spend a day here. Too much time out in the fields causes scheduled blog posts to pile up. Soon either the rain or the heat will set in and I'll be able to catch up.

This is the situation: A dull grey brown field, recently cultivated and devoid of any green. 3 Birds with grey brown wings flew in and landed about 50 meters from me. They disappeared right at the spot.

They are there, but I can't see any. No color, no movement, nothing.  I wait. 10min, 20min. Suddenly a Pratincole rises to its feet. Here I am!

In summer dress, but still very hard to detect. 
A 2nd bird appears and vanishes again. Just like that. 

When I look well I can see a head popping up occasionally. 

All 3 birds stood up eventually. They seemed to be a family, 2 parents and a young.

Funny face 

I hope to see them at closer range sometime.

Also seen that day in the same area: A Ferruginous Duck with yellow eyes - a hybrid?
目が 黄色 の メジロガモ?

And many Cattle Egret アマサギ

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