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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Izumi 1, ツル

The end of January Jaap and I drove to Izumi and stayed 2 nights to celebrate my birthday. Every year we go there to see the cranes and other wintering birds. Every year I take lots of photos and they always turn out different. This time the weather was not very good. One day it rained and the other was heavily overcast, except for a 5 min. break just after sunrise. With high ISO settings I didn't get any quality, but I made a selection for this blog anyway.

Friday night, just arrived. Cranes are moving to their roost.
A kestrel is watching the action.

Common Kestrel, チョウゲンボウ,  White-naped Crane, マナヅル


The next day at dawn. They are all hungry and fly over to the feeding location.

Hooded Crane, ナベヅルand White-naped Crane, マナヅル

White-naped Crane, マナヅル

That's enough about cranes for this year.

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  1. Hey , can check with you , if i reach izumi in the afternoon , will it still be ok for cranes watching ? cos i read online seems most ppl stated it's better to go in the morning when they feed or evening when they come back to rest. TQ