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Monday, 1 April 2013

桜 Sakura

Sakura is a big thing in Japan.
The progress of the young flower buds that are about to open in the end of March is tightly monitored and updated frequently in news sites all over the country. People plan their cherry blossom viewing parties and when the time is right, all the trees have an audience of hanami party-goers beneath them, sitting on sheets with baskets of food, like special sakura bento’s and drinks. Their talking, singing and laughing continue for the biggest part of the day and night.

This year the sakura started early in Fukuoka and also lasted a long time. Lots of chances to get great shots. My party today was with Lalala, the day service center of the Kakohs, where I sometimes go to entertain the oldies with my English songs and  games. But this morning it rained and it doesn’t look good at all for today, so I gave it a miss and decided to use the time for long overdue tasks, such as a proper story with my normally hastely updated blog posts.

This is for all you people in Holland and the rest of Europe, in New Zealand and the USA, where most of my readers seem to be coming from and of course for my Japanese friends, at least those who read English.


 Sorry, have to put a bird in there…シジュウカラ,  Japanese Great Tit

One of the most popular locations is down town in Maizuru koen around the ruins of Fukuoka castle.  

The sign announcing the event reflects the pink blossom against the dark blue sky in a nice way. I quite like it.

A tree full of blossom, picnic gear and a bunch of friends; ingredients for a hanami party

You guys in the Netherlands are all complaining about that white stuff coming from above.
Our Easter has been white as well, with cherry blossom snowing all day long. 
(This year it really looked like snow!)

今日の勉強   Sakura,  Cherry blossom

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  1. Nice pictures! Must be wonderful to be there and see it for real!