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Monday, 7 January 2013

姪浜玉せせり Meinohama Tamaseseri

Every year on January 3rd the Tamaseseri, a  festival for fishermen is held in Fukuoka. The main event is in Hakozaki, a harbor towards the east, but here in Meinohama we have our own version on a smaller scale.
This year the weather was not bad, meaning it didn't rain or snow, but it was very cold.

Starring: the Meinohama gang

At first a ceremony at the local harbor shrine
Praying for a healthy outcome without injuries,

The tama, a centuries old wooden ball gets covered in oil

The youngsters take it to the sea

Then onto a 1 km course through town to the main shrine in Meinohama

The elder fishermen jump in to fight them.

Buckets of water are thrown to 'cool them down'.

What happened here???

Jaap, gambatte!

At Sumiyoshi jinja

The person that holds the ball can supposedly expect a good catch in the new year

Singing Hakata's Omedetai

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