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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Waiting for Japanese Waxwings in the snow

Shortly after that I headed out to Dazaifu after a friend had phoned to tell me about a flock of Japanese Waxwings that would occasionally land on a persimmon tree in his neighborhood.  It was a very cold December day with periods of sun interspersed with snow and strong winds.
I had to wait a while and killed time practicing on the thrushes that were helping themselves to the fruit, the ducks in a nearby pond and a raptor in the snow.

Dusky Thrushes  ツグミ

Osprey   ミサゴ

The snow came and went and I often wondered what kind of hobby this is. It was X-mas eve, I should be at home, on board of our cozy yacht Alishan, baking something for the holidays. But then the snow subsided and the flock landed and for a few minutes the tree was full of happy wings. 

 Japanese Waxwing ヒレンジャク

Another 2 or 3 attacks like this and the persimmon is finished.

At last the ducks: Common Pochards  ホシハジロ


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