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Friday, 28 December 2012

New gear

A new year, a new lens I thought. But I couldn't wait that long. When plans were made for a trip to the mountains around Hiroshima in the beginning of December I rushed to the shop and got what I wanted: a Nikon D7000 body and 300mm 2.8f lens. Not a full-frame camera. This set-up already emptied my obi-money account and I needed to change the tripod as well. Plus, one always needs something to dream of. Now I could get my fill in Hiroshima, I thought. But on that very day I had to stay home with a .... migraine.

I took my new gear to the nearest park to get some practice. I was concerned about the weight, but it didn't seem to be a problem. Just blindly finding the right buttons and that just takes time. And practice. Here some shots of our most common winter birds.

Pale Thrush  シロハラ

Daurian Redstart  ジョウビタキ 

Great Tit  シジュウカラ

Oriental Greenfinch  カワラヒワ 

Varied Tit  ヤマガラ

Bull-headed Shrike   モズ 

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