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Friday, 12 July 2019

Mt. Kuju area in the first week of July

First morning light at my usual spot. We left earlier, hoping for a colorful sunrise...

Missed it again :-(  

 Later we hiked up to the bogatsuru view point and passed several interesting pants and flowers. The camera had to stay behind, so it's mostly smartphone quality  ;-)

Starting off with Teriha Akashouma, テリハアカショウマ

At Amaga Ike, 雨ヶ池: Colicroots, (Sokushinran)  ソクシンラン (Nebarinogiran) ネバリノギラン

Toothed Ixeridium, (Nigana)  ニガナ  

Japanese White String flower, (Shiraitisou) シライトソウ left and Japanese Bistort, (Ibuki Toranoo) イブキトラノオ on the right.

High Brown Fritillary (Uraginhyoumon) ウラギンヒョウモン

male and female?

In the darkness of the forest: Yoania Orchid, (Shoukiran) ショウキラン

At the Tadewara Marsh (タデ原湿原) another orchid:  Kakiran, カキラン

Japanese Ligularia, (Hankaisou) ハンカイソウ - also known as Chinese Dragon

Japanese Water Iris, (Nohanashoubu) ノハナショウブ

Citron Daylily, (Yuusuge) ユウスゲ

Gooseneck Loosestrife, (Okatoranoo) オカトラノオ

Common Straight Swift, (Ichimonji Seseri) イチモンジセセリ

And on the way home a small surprise: Japanese Shika Deer, シカ

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