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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Snow birds

How did you all get along with all the snow we had?! I prayed for snow all year long, hoping to see a thick pack of it, but what we got was mostly icy conditions and a lot of powder snow of the type that doesn't stick to anything. We drove around Kyushu, planned our route according to the weather forecast and the first snow we saw was around Mt Kuju. We camped in Billie our RV for 3 days in freezing weather, didn't leave the car much on the first day, but became a bit braver on the second. Our drinking water froze and the pump stopped working, we feasted on frozen cucumber that tasted truly horrible and suffered from-heated-toilet-seat-withdrawal symptoms. But generally we were happy. Thanks to lots of blankets, thermal wear and kailo's. Jaap climbed Mt Hosshozan and some of his amazing photos are in here. I looked for birds at my usual checkpoints. Camera work was hard. My cold fingers could not compete with the speed of wings. And I was constantly struggling with exposure. Snow is so very white!

Varied Tit, ヤマガラ

Japanese Tit, シジュウカラ

female Red-flanked Bluetail, ルリビタキ
There were 3 or 4 birds, but the males kept on eluding me

Eurasian Wren, ミソサザエ

Willow Tit, コガラ

Eurasian Jay, カケス

Eurasian Nuthatch, ゴジュウカラ

More of  Mt Hosshozan

Finally, a young male Red-flanked Bluetail, ルリビタキ

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