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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dusky Warbler, ムジセッカ? No way!

When I got the news about a House Sparrow in Kumamoto I laughed. House Sparrows are the most common birds in the Netherlands, where I come from. So, driving all the way to Kumamoto for just that, a House Sparrow??? Part of me wanted to go, just for the excitement and just to see it here in Japan. But I didn't. Went to Imazu instead.

The Dusky Warbler, first sighted in December, is still there. It is very secretive and moves like a shadow. But you can hear the call, a dry click as H-san calls it. I saw it, tried to capture it, but no way, it moves too fast. I waited until all became quiet. I was just about to turn away when a bird landed right there. I quickly took some photo's before it disappeared again. BUT... It was the wrong bird...Ha ha ha! :-(
Japanese Bush Warbler, ウグイス

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