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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Touring Mt Aso, Kumamoto in October

This post has not many birds, mostly scenery. But that's what we went for this time. We'd left Fukuoka the evening before and camped out on the rim of the huge crater of which Mt Aso is just a small part. This way we had plenty of time for the first scenery shots at dawn.
It was too early for the autumn colors and the suzuki was not in full swing either, but the mist and the clouds were great and lasted a few hours.

 Views from around Daikambo

6:30 am

  6:00 am


7:00 am

Grasses were heavy with dew drops 

Clouds burning off at 9:00 am

Once the sun stood high the temperature rose and the day became quite warm. Butterflies added to the feeling of summer.

A Zitting Cisticola, セッカ warming up in the morning sun

with a Meadow Bunting, ホウジロ nearby

We moved on to Shirataki Waterfall near Gokase

Gokase river and village

We drove up to the top of Mt Gokase, where the ski facilities for the coming winter were reconstructed, and visibility was bad. We could here woodpeckers and other small birds, but didn't see any.

Moving on to the Tsujunkyo aqueduct

Yet a little bit of koyo autumn colors in the trees

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