This blog is for family and friends, to share my feelings and photos with and for myself, to support my fading memory and improve my Japanese. I intend to do some writing in kanji, but am not getting very far without a Japanese computer. So for the moment I say "konnichi wa". Aisatsu dake - just saying hello.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Common Cuckoo, カッコウ

The bird came in from the woods, flying low over a field where small birds were nesting.
It landed in the reeds, where it disappeared briefly in a ditch. When it appeared again it headed for a nearby tree, from where he or she watched the surroundings for a while and then flew directly to that same spot in the grass, where it stayed. Was this a female laying her eggs in some other birds' nest? Most likely. I waited a while and watched the possible nest owners... was it the Zitting Cisticola? The Meadow Bunting? The Chestnut-eared Bunting? I felt sorry for them. But that's life.


Is it your nest? Are they your eggs she is probably chucking out?

Chestnut-eared Bunting, ホオアカ

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