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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

November 1st

The first Sunday of the month means birders gather in Imazu for their monthly meeting. We walk, talk and watch. I hadn't been able to attend for a few month, so I was happy to catch up with birds and people... :-)

Black-faced Spoonbill, クロツラヘラサギ
Some Spoonbills had returned for the winter. About 10 or 12. More to follow, I hope.

Bar-tailed Godwit, オオソリハシシギ from a distance. Hope to take better photos sometime

Northern Lapwing, タゲリin flight 

There were many more birds, specially ducks. The kingfishers were very active and entertained us all. After the meeting I drove around a bit more and found: Common Starling, ホシムクドリ

Many more of these Northern Lapwings, タゲリ

 And of course some Eurasian Kestrels, チョウゲンボウfemale

Water Pipit, タヒバリ very far and cropped to the milimeters.

One of several Bull-headed Shrikes, モズ A male this one.

And Common Snipes, タシギ, easy to spot when the rain starts.

At the start of the meeting 5 Magpies were having a feast around a persimmon tree. What a great sight this would have been had the sun been out...

Common Magpie, カササギ

So I returned 2 days later, but didn't see any of them around the tree. They were busy up high chasing a raptor that looked much like a Eurasian Sparrowhawk, ハイタカ.

 When the Crows gave up the Magpies took over.

They didn't seem to be bothered with the local Kestrel though.
Eurasian Kestrel, チョウゲンボウ, female

やっぱり、Blue skies がいいね

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