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Sunday, 26 July 2015

More on the Brown Hawk Owls, アオバズク

It's summer holiday. No classes, lots of free time. But no birds of interest nearby. Got to go to the mountains, but... Then better visit the owls again. Got some nice shots that I'm really happy with.

First location. The family has extended by one more chick. Happy babies!

Next place. 2 Anxious parents and 1 chick somewhere off in the coniferes.

Dad                                             Mum
watching the nest.

Back a few days later. The family of 5 now had moved to a more quiet part of the premises.
Bad weather, heavy rain, wind, typhoons around. 2 chicks in the tree with both parents and 1 chick way below near the footpath, where cats, kids and dog-walkers are coming and going. I stayed till darkness to make sure nobody got hurt. When the parents started feeding the lost baby managed to fly up and join the rest. よかった!

Don't often get a chance to take photos like these, on eye level.

Higher up, where it's much safer:

munching on a cicada, father on the left about to get them some more.

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