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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Brown Hawk Owl, アオバズク, more families.

I can't get enough of these funny little owl babies!
There are a few more breeding sites in northern Kyushu and when the chicks leave the nest, we get a chance to watch them during the day. The little ones sit patiently, watching the world with great curiosity on their first day out. Every now and then they stretch their wings, eager to practise and explore. At night they will fly and catch their first cicadas. And after a few days they'll be gone. But for now here they are, all so very cute and adorable.

The following group Mum (left) and 2 chicks were most entertaining. Watch this:

Winner of the cutie pie contest!

The following family, 2 parents on the outside, 2 chicks in the middle took it very easy. While the youngsters watched their surroundings, the adults slept mostly, keeping one eye open.

Below we have another mother on the right, 3 babies on the left. Just out of the nest. Father??? Somewhere nearby I think. He'd stayed out of sight during most of the previous 2 weeks, probably watching from a secret hideout. After dusk he'd show up to help with the feeding.

They seemed a bit disturbed by my presence. Better leave them at peace.
See you next year.

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