This blog is for family and friends, to share my feelings and photos with and for myself, to support my fading memory and improve my Japanese. I intend to do some writing in kanji, but am not getting very far without a Japanese computer. So for the moment I say "konnichi wa". Aisatsu dake - just saying hello.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mid October at the Butagoya

At 7 am, high tide:  2 Temminck’s Stints,  オジロトウネン

below 1 Long-toed Stint,  ヒバリシギ correction Sharp-tailed Sandpiper,  ウズラシギ

several juvenile Lesser Sand Ploversメダイチドリ

5 or 6 Dunlins,  ハマシギ


Far Eastern Curlew,  ホウロクシ There were 4, 1 didn't fit in.

Red-necked Stint,  トウネン

1 single young Little Ringed Plover,  コチドリ

And 1 lonesome Wood Sandpiperタカブシギ  correction Spotted Redshank,  ツルシギ

When I checked later in the morning they had all left...

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  1. Beautiful light in these pix and very nice pix of the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper looking at us! Good timing!