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Friday, 23 March 2012

Action in the harbor


Fishermen keep life fish in nets in the harbor basin alongside their boats. This attracts fish from the bay, which in its turn attracts birds. There are always gulls and herons around and in winter the cormorants often come in for a feed. The cormorants catch their meal under the prying eyes of these herons and gulls., who are always keen on an easy meal. Coming up for air and a bite can be quite a challenge.

カワウ VS カモメ    Cormorant versus Gull

だれの勝ち?  Who won?

カワウ VS アオサギ   Cormorant versus Heron

Heron landing on top of Cormorant.

2nd Heron flies in.

Most of the action appears to be under the surface.

Heron 2 dives down while heron 1 holds on to something, most likely the cormorant

3 birds emerging and the winner is... Heron nr 2.

カワウ, Great Cormorant
セグロカモメ,  Herring Gull
アオサギ, Grey Heron

今日の勉強  なし! 春休みですから

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