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Monday, 27 October 2014

Pied Avocet, ソリハシセイタカシギ

An incidental visitor to Japan, and the first time for me to see in Kyushu.
It's a cute bird with its up-turned bill, feeding in shallow water, sweeping that bill from left to right, much like a spoonbill. Despite the distance it was fun to watch. We had to wait for the tide to recede before we could see its legs. Not brightly colored like a stilt, but an elegant bird in its own way.


With some plovers flying over

shake shake


Shichimenso is a kind of sea blite, found on the shores of the Ariake Sea in Kysushu.
In October the plants turn red and purple, creating colorful photo opportunities. However, the Dunlins didn't show up in their typical formation flight, neither were there any other waders that could do the job, so I had to be content with our Avocet.

Trying to get both in the picture

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