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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fukuoka's biggest festival, Yamakasa 2014

The 'tsuyu' brings us a lot of rain every year for about 6 weeks, starting from the beginning of June. That doesn't mean it rains every day, but we can expect some real heavy downpours at some time. This year we didn't get much the first 4 weeks, but July made up for that. Thus.... we had a pretty wet YAMAKASA. In between showers I managed some shots.

The festival runs for 2 weeks, but doesn't become exciting until the last 5 days. I went in town to see Oiyama narashi on the 12th, Shundan yamamise on the 13th and the final Oiyama on July 15th at 4:59 am. Jaap, who participated this year again in Doi nagare, wasn't home much those days. And when he came in it was to eat, sleep and dry his clothes. I don't think he noticed much of the rain...

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