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Monday, 26 May 2014

Brambling, アトリ

Early spring, when the absence of uncommon birds, unfavorable lighting, too many branches and leaves, or just bad luck prevent me from taking interesting photos I turn to the Bramblings to recuperate from frustration and get instant satisfaction.


It's fun to watch them in the cherry trees when most flowers have fallen and we can actually see some birds. They like to feed on the little left-over flowerbuds that are growing into cherries and ofcourse the insects that are hidden there.

So I always end up with a big folder of Bramblings that I can't delete.
Even when it only shows the bird's behind.


The best spot is the pond, where they come to bath at the end of the day.


1, 2,

1, 2, 3  go!

Being told off:

Not yet girl, men first!   

Waiting her turn


This last shot is for the people who always ask me where I see those birds. Just look, they are there.

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