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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December birds: Noko no shima

It’s just a short ferry-ride to Noko island and I like to go there for walks. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on an uprooted part of a trail – one of the many wild pigs had just been there looking for food – and flushed this big thrush. He must have been looking for insects in the fresh soil. 

トラツグミ,  White's Thrush (formerly Scaly Thrush)

On the way to work I pass these points where I find the regular birds, perched at their favorite branches, like these 2 Kites. I think of them as Grandpa and Grandma.

  トビBlack Kite  祖父と祖母                 Lady Mozu, keenly watching the fields from a high point
                           モズFemale Bull-headed Shrike


Mr Roodstaart always lets us know his presence: tuc tuc    ジョウビタキMale Daurian Redstart

Mr. and Mrs. Rock Thrush, at a rooftop or a wall,  イソヒヨドリBlue Rock Thrush 

above the male, below the female

Near our school: ツグミ,  Dusky Thrush:

There are never many of these Tits, but they visit the gardens in the village:
シジュウカラ,  Great Tit

Sometimes, when the wind is strong I see Boobies diving, which was quite often this month.


Cormorants feeding under the coast of the island. 

かかし The scarecrows that welcome me at work.    Made by Noko elementary school kids

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